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Fun, short visit to Valley Forge when covered up in snow.

[New Tim Doyle prints! So excited] UnReal Estate 3, full show reveal and walk-through!

These were ones I got at the Austin Christmas market and just got back from framing. The Bill Murray characters are a set of stickers. Thought they looked cool all together.  Recognize the print references in the bottom two?  Like how they look together too.

My new coffee mug. Reminds me of paradise each day #telluride

My new coffee mug. Reminds me of paradise each day #telluride

Now that’s a team. Camp Mabry, TX

This came up at a work dinner tonight. Been a long time but always have love the poems of Robert Service

Gift got girls at “The Otherist” in Amsterdam. Single piece of metal. Thought it was pretty cool. One in a series from Mikro.

Now that is the kind of opening I am always looking for - shouldn’t everything include a laser light show? @ the #Austin #Rodeo

Yum! Hofbrau House. Munchen.

In honor of MJ’s 50th birthday thought I’d break out some Jordan’s from the early 2000’s I have only worn a few times.


Lincoln’s Lincoln

Jimm Lasser, Art Director; Ray Gordon, Photographer; Katherine Ross, Hair & Makeup; Kristin Lane, Costume Designer.

Thought this was awesome!